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The Room smelled so fresh!

Recently Jane contacted us about the air quality in her home. Both she and her husband, Peter had been suffering from frequent colds and bouts of asthma.

After discussing the options and visiting the site, they decided to purchase one of our Stand-Alone Floor UV-C Disinfection Units.

Jane phoned us a few days later, describing the difference in their indoor air quality - 'Our bedroom smelled so fresh' she said, 'and we had the best night's sleep for some time!'.

Or popular UV-C disinfection unit is perfect for homes, offices, small businesses and retail. Able to be wheeled from room to room, it draws contaminated air into its shielded interior, inactivates all bacteria, viruses and contaminants, and expels fresh air from the unit. Ideal for this spring season when colds and flu are more frequent in the community.

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