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Disinfection with the power of light

Stand Alone UVC Disinfection Unit

Floor standing air disinfection unit that reduces the spread of viruses and microbes through the air.


In these uncertain times, you can have absolute confidence in disinfection.


years of experience

Follow the science. We live in a world under threat by viral pandemics. Not just Covid-19, but its decendents which will surely come. Even our remote location here in Australia was not enough to protect us from viruses that have cost our economy millions of dollars, and every indivual business has been impacted in one way or another. 


Let's review what we know about viruses and bacteria. We know that they cause a wide range of illnesses and infections. We know they are all around us, in the air that we breathe, on surfaces we touch and on benchtops and other surfaces, even after cleaning. We also know that viruses and bacteria can become resistant to chemical treatments. You have probably heard of 'bacterial resistance' which is becoming a very serious problem in buildings such as hospitals and in our bodies. 

We need to start thinking about non-chemical methods of infection control.

UVC Disinfection

UV-C lighting disinfects radiated air and surfaces which contain bacteria and viruses and helps to reduce them from spreading further. All micro-organisms tested to date respond to UV-C lighting.

New UVC luminaires

Philips Lighting has developed a new range of UV-C disinfection luminaires and chambers, ideal for use in offices, retail outlets, factories, in hospitality areas, schools, public washrooms and even on modes of transport such as aircraft, buses and trains.

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We offer a full suite of UVC end-to-end services.

Creating a properly considered, safe and effective UVC solution starts with the design process. We can help you to develop the optimum design for your situation.

Plan and Design

We work with you to identify potential areas for UVC in your building. We customise a solution with the most suitable light output, optimum positioning, height and angle to provide the most efficient solution.


We supply, deliver, install and commission your UV-C system, so 
you enjoy a smooth, seamless experience. For total peace of mind we provide end-to-end project management.


We ensure your UV-C system is 
operating correctly by regular monitoring. We can remotely monitor irradiation as well as  
checking for faults and carrying out 
preventative checks


We can also carry out maintenance and repairs, optimising your installation, verifying performance 
and providing fast replacements at the end of your UV-C light’s useful life

Professional air, surfaces and objects disinfection.
Everywhere it’s needed

Philips UV-C disinfection luminaires can be used to disinfect air, surfaces and objects in a wide range of applications. These include hospitality areas, schools and public washrooms. In offices, retail outlets and factories. Even on modes of transport such as aircraft, buses and trains.

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